Monday, 27 May 2013

The Inaugural First Post

So I'm a little late to the blogging party!

For a long time I've fantasised about working for a magazine or being a fashion writer, but over the last few years my love has transferred from fashion to beauty. For a long time I've been keen to share my opinion on various products, but have always thought that it would be futile starting a blog. However, I recently applied to Elle's October Issue internship competition to be the Beauty Editor, and noticed that a lot of other applicants had blogs, and now that my exams are nearly over I figured I might as well give it a go.

My name is Georgie and I am about to finish my first year at the University of Bristol where I study German and Russian (isn't that what all aspiring beauty editors study..?) I named my blog Red Lips Pink Cheeks because those are two of my favourite things in makeup, and I felt that Red Lips Pink Cheeks Navy Eyes Glowy Highlights American Skincare didn't flow particularly well. Expect to see reviews of my various red lip products on here very soon.

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