Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Blush Collection

I currently own 3 blushes: MAC Mineralize Blush in Gleeful, Rouge Bunny Rouge Cheeks in Bloom Blush Wand in Titian and MAC Cremeblend Blush in Ladyblush.

L-R: Ladyblush swatched heavily, blended out, Gleeful swatched heavily, blended out, Titian swatched heavily, blended out.
The first two were swatched and blended with my fingers, Titian was swatched straight from the stick and blended with my fingers.

Gleeful is described on MAC's website as a "deep dirty blue pink with gold pearl". On my skin it appear much more orange than in the pan. I bought it because I was in World Duty Free and I thought the colour was nice. I have yet to work out whether it actually suits me, but I do find it difficult to apply as it is so pigmented and dark. It has a fairly long lasting formula, I can still see it on my cheeks after 6 or 7 hours, blends easily.

Titian was a move in the opposite direction. I wanted something dewier and a much more natural colour. It is described in their typically whimsical style on Rouge Bunny Rouge's website as "semi-transparent beige-rose with the barest hint of peach". It is pretty sheer but it just prevents me from looking totally washed-out. (Maybe covering up the bags under my eyes would help, but somehow I prioritise cream blushes over YSL Touch Eclat.)  I'll probably go for this one a lot more in the winter. I love the formula as it's slightly dewy, but not in any way oily looking. I do wish it would last a little longer.

Last weekend I purchased Ladyblush. It is described as a "warm neutral coral". It looks much more orange in the pan than it does on my cheeks. It is a middle ground between Gleeful and Titian in terms of both colour and pigmentation. I adore the formula, I didn't take off my make up last night (cardinal sin #1) and when I woke up my blush was still in tact.

You would have thought it would be slightly easier to get good, sunlit swatches at the end of May, but no. I'll post cheek swatches when the sun comes out.

If anyone has any recommendations for blushes they love, especially creme blushes, I'm all ears! I'm a recent blush convert and am looking to expand my collection.

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