Friday, 31 May 2013

Chanel update

I went to John Lewis for a Clarins massage early this afternoon, but in typical 'me' fashion I was 40 minutes early so I could have a thorough look through the Chanel L'Eté de Papillon collection. I only wanted to have a quick play with Lime Light but was enticed into having a quick makeover (thanks Ben at JL Reading! You da best.)

I didn't want my whole face doing, just my eyes, and I explained to him that I never really wore much eye makeup and I wanted to see whether this collection - specifically Lime Light and Jade Shore - could be used to create a more subtle look. He began by applying Jade Shore onto the centre and outer side of my eye using a small brush, then adding Moon River in the crease. He finished with a little True Blue liner on the outer third of my lashline and Lime Light just on the tips of my lashes. 

I was sold! I ended up buying Jade Shore and Lime Light, which were £20.70 and £21.60 as John Lewis were having a 10% off Price Match event (as if I needed any more of an excuse to make the purchase!) I was also most surprised by how much I liked Pink Lagoon Stylo, and if I were to go back and buy another piece, that would be the next one I'd choose. I also got a free sample of Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux Hydration Protection Radiance Eye Gel which I can't wait to try - goodness knows the bags under my eyes need hydration and radiance, as the photos below show quite clearly. Oh dear, and my eyebrows...

I took some pretty poor photos as lying face-down during the massage messed up the look and I didn't have enough time to take photos in good light, but I will be reapplying and attempting to take more photos. I will be using a primer and I hope it increases the wear time of the shadow! See my previous post for links to swatches and reviews I enjoyed.

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