Friday, 11 October 2013

"Eve Lom Cleanser" or "Why I no longer wash my face twice a day"

So at the end of September I used up the last of my Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, an absolutely wonderful foaming gel cleanser (sorry Caroline Hirons, I know foam is naughty) and decided to take a risk and try out a different one.

After a few grim days of using Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser - not very good at removing eye makeup, even worse at keeping skin clean - I made the trip to Space NK to ask for advice. As Space NK ladies are wont to do, she pointed me straight towards Eve Lom's legendary cleanser. I bit the bullet, handed over £55 (!!!) and headed home.

This new routine takes at least twice as long as a cleanse with the Kiehl's gel, not to mention the fact you have to actually use a muslin cloth. I hate the feeling of the balm on my skin, I hate the feeling that I might not have got it all off with the cloth, I hate using a cloth. I hate that it doesn't get all my mascara off. I hate using it so I use it, like, twice every three days. My skin got a little worse over the first few days of using the cleanser but after a go with Origins Clear Improvement Mask everything is looking fine. Not great, but definitely fine. I've only moisturised twice since I started using Eve Lom, mostly because I feel like my skin would get too greasy after using both the balm and a moisturiser as the balm does leave it looking glowy. So basically, my skincare routine has kind of fallen apart. At least the stuff (apparently) works as an exfoliant.

Bottom line, I will be powering on with the Eve Lom because it cost an arm and a leg, I will definitely post about it again once I finish it to give my final opinion, but I suspect I'm about 20 years too young to be using a balm cleanser. My skin is still relatively teenager-y and this formula probably isn't the best fit.

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