Monday, 25 November 2013

Jason Natural Care Shampoo

I have a lovely organic produce shop near my house at university, and when I was in there recently I noticed that they sell natural body products in addition to food. I was on the look out for some more shampoo - I'd run out of Yes To Tomatoes which is 99% natural and, since I couldn't find YTT shampoo in any of my local Boots stores and couldn't be bothered to order it online, fancied finding a different natural alternative. I can't remember whether I've mentioned already that I am considering slowly transitioning to more natural hair and skincare products (says the girl who just recently bought the mineral-oil-heavy Eve Lom cleanser...)

I bought "Long & Strong Jojoba" for healthy hair growth and "Volumizing Lavender" to add body to fine hair and have been using the jojoba one for the last two weeks.

Results: my hair has definitely grown, though I can't necessarily say whether it's grown more quickly than usual. My hair felt squeaky clean after washing, but not dried out. However, I've noticed my hair doesn't look good for three days like it did with the Yes To Tomatoes or Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Volume and Body shampoo that I used between YTT and Jason. Also, while the smell isn't unpleasant, it's a little hippy-ish for my tastes and does last after the shampoo is washed out.

I probably wouldn't buy that one again, but after using the lavender (volumizing) shampoo once earlier this week, I must say I was impressed. My hair felt light and soft and I do feel like it had some extra volume. The smell was also more pleasant. I'm looking forward to finishing the jojoba shampoo and moving on to the lavender one!

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