Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color in Hot Raspberry

The other day I went for a make up session at a Bobbi Brown counter which ended in me buying a tinted moisturiser (yeah, I now wear tinted moisturiser) and a, excitingly, hot pink lipstick that is misleadingly described as sheer. I thought that a counter makeover was the best time to start trying lipsticks that weren't red, so on a whim I picked this neutral toned bright fuchsia.

Okay so it's not full cover, but the colour is by no means subtle. It feels totally weightless and also hydrating.

It lasts surprisingly well through a couple of glasses of water, and it doesn't lose its shine then its colour as you might expect, instead staying shiny right until the end (about 5 hours after application). Despite the brightness of the colour, I find it a lot more wearable in the daytime than most of my reds. Thumbs up from me! I'm after NARS Schiap next.

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